Strategy for Nigerian Business Leaders

These Young Minds at Bentley Motors

We are proud to welcome senior business leaders from Nigeria, the second cohort of our customised programme “Strategic Leadership for Senior Leaders in Emerging Countries”.

The programme has been developed in partnership with social entrepreneurs These Young Minds, and is tailored specifically to the needs of organisations working in a West African context. A total of twenty senior leaders from both private and public sector organisations across Nigeria have attended the two iterations of the programme that we have run so far.

The programme is being delivered over four days, focusing on topics designed to develop analysis and fresh thinking in areas crucial for organisational success. Each session is delivered by a leading academic in the field:
  • African Business Context and Challenges: delivered by Visiting Professor Sam Aryee
  • Leadership in a Global Context: delivered by Professor Pawan Budhwar
  • Change Management and Competitive Advantage: delivered by Visiting Professor Sam Aryee
  • Managing Human Resources for High Performance: delivered by Professor Pawan Budhwar.
The programme participants have visited Bentley Motors Ltd in Crewe, where they learned about the company’s export strategies and their approaches to a variety of global challenges through a strategy presentation that dovetailed with the session delivered by Professor Sam Aryee. A welcome reception was hosted by Chris Devane, Bentley Motor's Head of Virtual Development, and participants also enjoyed a factory tour and especially the opportunity to take a spin in some famous Bentley models, including the Continentals, GT, GTC and Flying Spur (pictured). Previously, the first programme cohort was able to enjoy a visit to Jaguar Land Rover’s headquarters for a similar briefing.

Two further programmes in this series are currently in the planning phase and will be available for delivery in 2013: Strategy for Sustained Competitive Advantage and Managing for Enhanced Organisational Performance.

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