Project Management for Nuclear Professionals

Module Participants

We hosted a group of eight participants from the nuclear power industry on a customised module in Project Management.

The participants in the programme are professionals drawn from a number of leading organisations in the nuclear industry, including Sellafield, Magnox and Centrica Energy.  The Project Management module is the second of three Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism modules delivered at Aston Business School by the Centre for Executive Development.   The current module aims to build an understanding of managing successful projects in the context of the nuclear industry.

As well as covering the traditional tools and the principles of project management, the module focusses on the practical application of this knowledge and participants have to consider how the techniques can be applied in their own environments. Leadership in project management is a key theme, and especially how to manage all stakeholders and ensure that the right review points exist within any project.

The graduate-level Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism has been developed by the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN). NSAN was established to ensure that the UK Nuclear Industry and its Supply Chain has the skilled, competent and safe workforce it needs to deal with the current and future UK nuclear programme.  The Certificate incorporates seven modules designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills for today’s professional working within the nuclear industry. The Centre for Executive Development is providing faculty and content for three of the modules: Commercial Awareness, Project Management and Technical Leadership.

In partnership with NSAN, the Centre for Executive Development is delivering the Project Management module at Aston Business School.  Aston faculty member Professor Prasanta Dey is delivering the module theoretical content, together with nuclear expert content provided by Dave Whitmore, Nuclear Director of Engineering at Atkins. Case studies from the nuclear industry ensure the module material is grounded in examples of real professional practice.

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