Managing for Enhanced Organisational Performance

Sustainable Competitive Advantage Seminar
We are collaborating with These Young Minds on a customised programme for African organisations, aimed at boosting workplace productivity.

Economic Growth

Boosting workplace productivity is a key concern for many African organisations.

Whilst studies have demonstrated that there are many factors influencing workplace productivity, including health and diet of employees and the physical workplace, it is clear that developing and implementing effective management techniques can help to improve workplace morale and efficiency.

Although low productivity is far from an exclusively African concern, employee productivity does appear to be lower in sub-Saharan Africa than in most of the rest of the world. As such, it represents a key concern for African businesses and foreign investors operating on the continent.

On a wider scale, boosting labour productivity could contribute to overall economic growth and socio-economic development.

Fostering a management strategy that translates organisations’ missions and business strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures and targets could boost productivity and morale. In turn, this can contribute to reducing staff turnover and lowering human resource costs associated with hiring and firing employees.

Customised Programme

In order to enable organisations to boost efficiency These Young Minds and Aston Business School have collaborated on the design of a specifically customised executive education programme. These Young Minds is an innovative service-based social enterprise that provides learning platforms for business professionals.

The programme, Managing for Enhanced Organisational Performance, aims to give senior executives in both the public and the private sector the tools and insights necessary to improve organisational structure, driving the right organisational action as well as behaviour, ultimately boosting profits, service delivery and efficiency. This tailored programme will take place at Aston Business School.

Strategically Important

Speaking about the Programme, Paul Butler, Executive Development Director at the Centre for Executive Development, said:
“Aston Business School is once again delighted to be partnering with These Young Minds to deliver the strategically important tailored programme on ‘Managing for Enhanced Organisational Performance’.

This programme is designed for the African context, and draws on the research, knowledge and consulting experience of seasoned academics from Aston Business School together with discussions with fellow delegates, and will cover topics that will enable senior executives to stimulate enhanced organisational performance while clarifying, communicating and executing strategy that deliver measurable and desired results.”

Alim Abubakre, Founding Executive Director, These Young Minds believes that:

“this programme is topical, as this is a time that the ‘developed’ world is slowing down growth-wise and celebrating Africa for its striking growth trajectory as well as its impressive potential as a viable investment destination and worthy trading partner.

Hence, this programme will enable senior management of organisations to ‘raise their game’ and inspire their teams to apply critical and proven practices that stimulate effectiveness as well as organisational performance in a sustainable way.

Upon completion of this programme senior executives will be able to better align capital, people, processes, and information technology for superior performance”

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