Managing Finance and People for RPC Group

RPC Cohort
We welcomed the first group of participants from RPC Group onto a specially customised Aston Certificate programme.

A Modular Approach

RPC Group is a £1 billion plastics packaging specialist with 50 operations in 17 countries who employs more than 7,200 people. Seventeen managers from six countries across Europe will undertake a five module course of study at Aston Business School.

The modules of this Aston Certificate programme cover:
  • Managing Finance
  • Managing People
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management.

Prior to each module participants are invited to view a one hour slide-cast which introduces the subject, helping the participants to engage with the content prior to the commencement of the module and feel more prepared for the face to face sessions with Aston faculty.

During the module the facilitators take a varied approach, combining exercises, short lecture inputs, diagnostic tools, questionnaires and discussions to communicate the academic content to the participants.

Module one is a blended module that focuses on managing finance and people.  The module is delivered over three days and includes topics such as understanding financial statements, management accounting techniques, communication and leadership and culture.

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