JCB Benefits from Collaboration

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Project managers at well-known Midlands manufacturer JCB have been learning effective new ways to share best practice and increase collaboration, in partnership with our executive development team.

Two cohorts of JCB participants have now completed a programme of specialist modules supporting JCB’s New Product Introduction Process.  Led by Aston faculty the modules focussed on key areas of Project Management expertise:

  • Leadership and High Performance Teams – Professor Robin Martin
  • Finance – Mr Matt Davies
  • Project Management – Professor Prasanta Dey

The programme aims to support the evolution of a project management Community of Practice within JCB, enhancing communication, collaboration and sharing of best practice. Participants are experienced project managers, with a wealth of skills and understanding, who wish to extend and develop their expertise.

To ensure that JCB gains maximum benefit from this programme, we are now about to run impact measurement workshops with both cohorts. Focussing on Action Plans developed by the participants, the workshops will help measure the accrued benefits to the organisation of greater collaboration and sharing of best practice within project teams.  We will also use the workshop outcomes to help evaluate and augment the continuous improvement of the programme itself. The programme methodology can be readily applied across many different types and sizes of organisation.

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