Effective Communication for Technical Specialists

JLR Effective Communication
We are delivering a specially tailored Masters module on Communicating Knowledge, designed for Technical Specialists at Jaguar Land Rover.

Critical Self-Leadership and Management Skills

Effective communication is crucial for successful business and personal interactions. The module is designed to help Technical Specialists become more skilful and reflective in communicating the attributes and benefits that they offer the organisation.

Corporate Connections

The five day module is delivered in two parts over a period of six weeks to enable application and reflection back in the work place during the process. The module closely follows the competency models of global blue chip organisations, and is founded on world class research in future-oriented and critical self-leadership and management skills. Successful module completion will provide credits towards a collaborative Masters level programme that includes other leading HE providers at the Universities of Warwick, Cranfield, Loughborough, Coventry, and Southampton.

Participants will also investigate such vital issues as cross cultural communications and the impact of globalisation in the context of the organisation. The course facilitator, Dr Uwe Napiersky of Aston Business School's Work & Organisational Psychology Group, has more than twenty years of professional industry experience living and working on three continents as an international management consultant, assessing and developing leaders and enhancing personalised skill development.

Module Content

Part 1

  • Day 1: Diving into the learning journey; Setting the scene & establishing principles of collaboration.
  • Day 2: Exploring own communication style - Tools & Methods.
  • Day 3: Explore personal success drivers & blockers; Committing to action - way forward.

Back in the Workplace.

Part 2+

  • Day 4: My learning & application in the workplace; High Performing Teams & Communicating Vision and Direction.
  • Day 5: Me & my team(s) - executing processes; Working with passion.

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