Developing Leadership Potential for CeDo

CeDo Strategy Module Participants
Today sees the start of our second Leadership Development Programme for CeDo Group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of household disposables.

CeDo is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of household disposables, using advanced polymer manufacturing techniques to create both own-label and proprietary products. It holds strong supply relationships with the majority of Europe’s largest retailers.  The business is UK based and has a strong focus on the UK, German, and French markets, with sales in Eastern Europe also growing rapidly in recent years. The company has pioneered the environmentally friendly practice of including increasingly large proportions of post-consumer recycled plastic in its plastic products at its three manufacturing plants in the UK, Poland and China.

The Leadership Development Programme has been customised to meet the needs of CeDo’s “Developing Leaders” strategic objective, providing an opportunity for potential senior leaders, identified and selected from the talent pool within the company, to develop and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding to take on senior roles in the organisation in the medium term.   The aim of the Programme is to ensure that the participants not only develop an understanding of CeDo’s strategy but also appreciate their role in successfully executing the strategy and how they can engage in helping to develop the strategy over the next few years.

The current cohort of fifteen participants is multinational in composition, hailing from the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Vietnam, Holland and USA. The Programme provides the participants with the opportunity for face to face communication in an open and intellectually stimulating environment away from the day to day concerns of the workplace.

All Leadership Development Programme participants are given preparatory work to complete prior to the first module, based on a real world project within the organisation.  Subsequent learning is related back to this project, so that participants can demonstrate application of their learning in the workplace.

The participants engage with Programme content over three modules:
  • Module 1: Strategy – this focuses on the Business Environment, Products and Markets and will be delivered by our associate faculty member Dr Andy Bass.
  • Module 2: Leadership and High Performance Teams - this module addresses the key issues involved in team leadership, understanding group processes and communication, and developing effective relationship-based leadership. The module is led by Professor Robin Martin of Aston Business School.
  • Module 3: Commercial Acumen – here the focus is on understanding vital financial information across the organisation as a whole.  The module is designed around analysis of the CeDo financial system, and includes appraisal of the participants’ projects, that are based on real world mandated business cases. The module is led by Matt Davies of Aston Business School.

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