CED Delivers Human Capital Programme

TEXEM 2015 Participants
Senior executives from various sectors of the Nigerian economy completed the executive development programme Leading and Managing Human Capital at Aston Business School.

The Leading and Managing Human Capital programme was organised in partnership with the UK-based TEXEM Consultants based in Southampton. TEXEM is an innovative service-based organisation that provides learning platforms for business professionals.

The four-day programme is designed to equip participants with strategic insights, leadership skills, and the deep understanding of the modern economy needed to drive growth, achieve superior service delivery and success in a high-performing organisation.

Highly interactive one-day sessions were introduced by Paul Butler, Executive Development Director from Aston Business Schools’ Centre for Executive Development, and led by Aston Business School faculty Dr Uwe Napiersky, Professor Stephanie Decker and Professor Pawan Badhwar.  Faculty introduced participants to the nuances of enhancing competences in extraordinary visionary leadership and aligning human capital with competitive strategy.

Participants addressed the strategic challenges that organisations face in emerging markets through business simulation of real company settings, and arrived at solutions for accelerating organisational impact and performance. 

For further details of the programme, Leading and Managing Human Capital please visit: www.texem.co.uk

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