Systems Thinking for Organisational Improvement

On 16 March 73 participants from around the world logged into the second webinar in the Master class series from Aston Business School.  In this webinar Dr Ben Clegg, Senior Lecturer in the Operations and Information Management Group spoke on the subject of Using Systems Thinking for Organisational Improvement.

Ben has over 20 years of experience in the operations management field working in both the public and private sector. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of many industry bodies including the IET, HEA and EUROMA. Ben’s research interests include process improvement, strategic thinking for operations management and improvement methodologies and he works with many large and small organisations in the public and private sector striving for operational excellence. 

Ben Clegg Webinar

Ben began by exploring why we need systems thinking in an organisational context, he then identified different types of system, ranging from tangible, such as the human biological system to intangible, like the legal system.  Ben went onto define an organisational system, outlining eleven parts that make it up. 

Ben introduced the ProH Modelling Methodology and gave an example of how it can be applied.  He concluded by highlighting a series of key points to consider when applying systems thinking to organisations: be clear on the type of system you are investigating, be aware of all the different parts in the system, be clear on the type of methodology you need to use,scope the system, and give purpose to the exercise.

Commenting on the webinar, participant Miles Weaver said:
“I really enjoyed this webinar, a university is a public good so we need more of these activities.  Well done Aston, on being true ‘thought’ leaders in the use of technology and getting your message out. This is what I call a good contribution to our communities.”

Participants logged in from over 12 different countries to hear about Ben’s research, including Sri Lanka, Syria, India, Kuwait, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Spain, Germany and Greece.

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