Webinar: Leading in Uncertainty

On 16 February, Aston Business School alumni, staff, student and external partners took part in an interactive webinar with John Peters, veteran from the first Gulf War, leadership expert and now Director of Performance on the Aston Executive MBA.

In his presentation John challenged participants to reflect on their own leadership and rate their individual performance. He began by refelcting on his own experience as a prisoner of war, and how his fellow captors loked to him to lead them through a horrific situation.

The theme for the webinar was Leading in Uncertainty.  John highlighted the enormity of the challenges that exist in today’s business environment and considered some of the strategies that leaders must adopt in order to stay ahead.  John introduced his Emergent Leadership model, which considers how leaders need to evolve during times of uncertainty.

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About the speaker:

John Peters, who made headlines in the early Nineties for his bravery and courage in the Gulf War, is Director of Performance at Aston Business School, contributing towards the Performance Development component of the Aston Executive MBA. 

He has an international reputation as a compelling motivational speaker and specializes in a strongly experiential approach to leadership development, team building and communication. 

John is a best-selling author and former Chair of the Association of MBAs. He provides expertise on leadership, strategy and change for senior business teams. With particular areas of interest being uncertainty, organisational learning, trust and failure, he is currently writing a book on leadership.

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