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Challenging Times

Thursday 21 May 2009

Aston Business School held the third in its successful series of ‘Challenging Times’ events recently which saw Midlands businesses and entrepreneurs come together to discuss the future of business in the region.

The event, Entrepreneurship, innovation and business growth, led by Professor Mark Hart, looked at the trends and the opportunities for those individuals who are more likely to be entrepreneurial and adopt innovation as a strategy to ensure business survival and growth.

Mark drew on his work over a number of years with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), including the launch of the eagerly awaited 2008 UK report, which was carried out between May and September, to look at the shifting patterns of Entrepreneurship.

Professor Hart said: “Early stage entrepreneurial activity is up slightly on the last report which is good news. Even last summer, when the credit crisis was coming into effect, there were people who were actively engaged in setting up a new business which in a way is very encouraging.“ 

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