Masterclass Webinar: Effective Global Teams

Pat Tissington Webinar

On 10 February 80 participants from across the globe logged onto Aston Business School’s first webinar. Part of the new Masterclass Webinar series, this first presentation focused appropriately on Effective Global Teams and was delivered by Dr Patrick Tissington, an expert in work and organisational psychology and Associate Dean Business Partnerships at ABS.

In his presentation Dr Tissington defined what it actually means to be part of a team, and explained why team working works. He then moved on to focus on virtual teams which are fast becoming the norm in many professions. A virtual team is one which works together but might not see each other very frequently. They may be based in the same office but not be there very much, they may be "on the road" with no real permanent location to meet in or spread across the globe. Dr Tissington highlighted four challenges to virtual team working as well as four ways to make it more effective. 

Dr Tissington concluded by posing a series of questions which he asked participants to consider: do they think their teams they are working in are effective, do their team have clear objectives, do team members know each other well and do their team members meet regularly to review team effectiveness?

Participants from across the world  including France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Singapore participated in this truly global discussion on how to work effectively across geographical boundaries.  

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The next webinar in the Masterclass series will take place on 16 March, at 11:00 GMT when Dr Ben Clegg will look at Using Systems Thinking for Organisational Improvement. See the events page for more information >>


Pat Tissington Webinar
Pat Tissington Webinar

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