Placement Examples

3M Worldwide

“We have been consistently impressed with the calibre of Industrial Placement students from Aston Business School.  3M has recruited a large number of Aston students over the years, many of whom have returned into graduate roles after completing their degree and are continuing to progress through the company.”
Gemma Donovan

“At PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) we historically recruit a number of students from Aston Business School onto our business placement scheme.  These students come from a wide variety of degree backgrounds at Aston University, and demonstrate key skills and competencies that PwC look for.  We are always impressed with the calibre of Aston Business School students who demonstrate professionalism and a strong work ethic throughout their placement.  We often have no hesitation in offering these students full time positions upon graduation and can only encourage more keen Aston students to apply.”
Imogen O’Mahoney

TUI Travel
“We currently have six Aston Business School students working in the mainstream division of our UK business.  I have received incredibly positive feedback on the quality of work each of the students has produced.  Moreover, as an ex-Aston student myself, I am very proud of the contribution they are making to our organisation.  In addition to this, to be representing an employer recruiting Aston students, I am equally proud of the contribution our organisation makes to the students’ personal development and the experiences we are able to offer as a leading international leisure travel group.”
Thomas Barnett


"For undergraduate students Aston University is second to none.  The Business School Placement Office provides a quality service that benefits both students and employers.”
Chelsea Peek

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