An Aston Business School placement student is a value for money resource. You will incur no recruitment advertising or agency costs and you will be getting an intelligent motivated student for a year.

Average salaries in the UK are approximately £14,000 - £15,000.

Furthermore, we can arrange facilities for you to use on campus, free of charge, to conduct presentations about placement opportunities within your organisation. Similarly, should you wish to hold interviews on campus we can arrange these facilities for you too.

Student Employment Services (SES) employ students on behalf of host organisations who are unable to employ the students themselves due to reasons such as headcount restrictions, budget constraints or generally not wanting to add students to the payroll. For more information visit their website www.studentemploymentservices.co.uk


If you are interesting in hiring a work placement student, your opportunity can be advertised free of charge to over 800 undergraduate students.

Please contact employerteam@aston.ac.uk for more information.


  • Placement opportunities can be advertised to our students anytime from September to June
  • Students can commence employment anytime between late June to September
  • Students are available for a minimum of 48 weeks (maximum of 15 months).

Raising your Profile on Campus

Conference Room - placements

If you would like to enhance your profile on campus, you could do one or more of the following: 

  • Give a company presentation
  • Run a skill session/workshop (e.g. interview techniques, CV writing, etc)
  • Sponsor a student prize
  • Give a guest lecture or company case study.


If you decide to appoint an Aston Business School student, we ask employers to:

  • Treat the student as you would any other employee
  • Give them real responsibility
  • Appoint a supervisor for the student
  • Set clear objectives for the year and monitor the student’s progress
  • Give students opportunities to develop their skills
  • Support the student with their coursework.

For more information about your responsibilities as a placement provider, please email employerteam@aston.ac.uk 

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