Recruiting talent

Helen Alkin, Graduate Recruitment Manager at Marks and Spencer explains how Aston students and graduates make a difference to the company.

Do you want to give your organisation a competitive edge? If so, then why not consider recruiting an Aston Business School student? We can match your needs to our talent.

Our undergraduate students are prepared for tackling real life business challenges, whilst our MBA students gain the leadership skills to propel them to life at the forefront of business.  Aston students not only excel in their academic life but also actively develop their personal skills by participating in a range of extracurricular activities. No matter what degree or discipline all our students are taught to have a global business mind set.

Why recruit an Aston Placement student?

With over 500 students, from courses such as Business and Management, Accounting for Management and Marketing, to our combined business courses we are confident that there is someone who can help take your business forward.  Find out more about undergraduate placements.

Why recruit an Aston Graduate?

Aston Business School graduates are highly talented and have good business experience due to the integral placement year undertaken as part of their academic business education. Aston graduates have been equipped with the essential skills to make your business prosper such as leadership, adaptability and self-reliance.

Why recruit an Aston Postgraduate student?

Aston MBAs have real world business experience and are highly motivated individuals - they can bridge the gap and find the solutions between strategic and resource challenges faced in your organisation.

Who employs an Aston Graduate?

Who employs an Aston Graduate?

A wide variety of employers choose Aston graduates and placement students

Aston students in the news

Aston students in the news

See how Aston students are making an impact locally and internationally

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