Aston's Business Student Societies

Aston Business School always welcomes any businesses that seek to work with our students. An alternative and innovative way for businesses to fulfil this is through the schools societies. They are seeking businesses to work with their members, who in turn can provide your organisation with access to a targeted and talented pool of students. Our current business societies are:

Aston Marketing Society gives students the chance to gain practical experience and hear from those in Marketing. Working closely with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the society plans to host a number of events over the next year.

Aston Trading and Investment Society

Marketing Soc

The aim of Aston’s Trading and Investment society is to help students realise their ambitions in banking and finance, by providing them with practical knowledge and a live trading experience.

Enactus Aston

Enactus is an international non-profit organisation that works with leaders in business and higher education to help teams of students make a difference in their communities and develop their business skills. 


Enactus Aston

AIESEC is a 60 year-old global organisation that aims to develop students and recent graduates into leaders by running international events and programmes.

Aston Entrepreneurs 

Aston Entrepreneurs aims to support and develop the entrepreneurial skills of Aston students. With links to industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs AE members hosts skills sessions, networking events and business challenges.

Bright Futures 

Bright Futures aims to enhance the employability skills of students and prepare them for the commercial world. The society seeks to achieve this by organising workshops and events on areas such as interview tips and mock assessment days.

Aston Law Society


Aston Law Society aims to support students interested in a law career by developing their legal knowledge and commercial acumen. To achieve this, students are provided with opportunities to obtain advice and network with legal professionals

Aston Economics Society

The purpose of Aston Economics Society is to provide students with skills that can be used throughout their time at Aston University and beyond. The society provides a platform for students to express themselves through their passion for economics, encouraging challenging discussion and critical analysis of current affairs.

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