Raising your profile

Build a relationship with Aston and we can help raise your profile amongst our inspirational students who could be the key to driving your business success in the future.

There are numbers of face to face opportunities available for you to engage with the talented pool of Aston Business School students including:
  • Workshops, Skill Sessions, Presentations, Mock Interview’s and Assessment Centres.
  • Mentoring students to help give them direction and achieve their career aims and goals.  
  • Attend recruitment fairs and drop in sessions.
Orla Meade, Graduate Attraction Specialist at Unilever talks about the opportunities for undergraduate placement students and why Unilever work with Aston University.
We can also help you to collaborate directly with Aston’s business related student societies which belong to our most enthusiastic students with a variety of passions from entrepreneurship to marketing. Students within these societies take on challenges, host events and organise a variety of activities to further develop their own knowledge, improve their network and inspire and motivate other students to achieve their potential.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how you could engage with Aston Business School students or if you would like more information.

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