BGS Student Shan He

Student Profile BGS

Why did you Choose Aston?

I love accounting and finance and Aston University is very famous for its Business School which is why I choose to study Accounting for Management at Aston University Business School.

How have you found your experience at Aston so far?

I enjoyed being a student here. Lecturers are very friendly and helpful. Besides, the Undergraduate Office has been providing students a lot of academic support. As an international student, the student support team also provides me services regarding my life in the UK. I feel I have made a wise choice to study at Aston University.

How did you feel when you realised you were going to be awarded the chance to attend the Leadership Forum in America?

I felt excited and grateful for the opportunity of being awarded by Beta Gamma Sigma as I believe this Forum will help develop my leadership skills further. Additionally, since the Forum will be held in America, which is one of places that I have dreamed about visiting.

What does this trip mean to you?

This trip will help develop my leadership skills and problem- solving skills and I also feel excited to meet future business leaders around the world.

What do expect to gain from the Leadership Forum?

I hope to enhance my leadership, communication and presentation skills through attending the Leadership Forum. In addition, I intend to gain more experience on team work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to get involved in the accounting and finance sector.

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