Chemical Engineering graduates reunite for their 49th Anniversary

27 March 2014

In 1965, Paul Preece, Rae Bridal, David Burbidge and Ian Burton began their studies at The College of Advanced Technology, the fore-runner to Aston University. They celebrated their 49th anniversary with dinner and an overnight stay in Cheltenham. 

The 1969 graduates who claim they ‘were a significant part of the Aston Rugby Union XV’, lived together for nearly three years in the then called "Sutton Flats”. Paul Preece commented: “We shared everything - literally. Our food was sourced from a weekly £2 each in the kitty. If there was enough left over, we ate steak on Fridays. We all cooked, shopped and washed-up according to a rota stuck up on the kitchen wall. My own post-university-aged children find this hugely amusing, if not unbelievable”.

For their 50th anniversary in 2015, the class are organising a reunion in Paris! If you, too, are a 1969 chemical engineering graduate and want to renew your links with your former classmates, please get in touch with us at alumniinfo@aston.ac.uk