Gift of Stocks, Shares, Land or Buildings

Thank you for supporting Aston and being part of our wonderful community of donors. We want to let you know about some other tax-efficient ways of giving to the University.

Gifts of Stocks, Shares, Land or Buildings

Aston University is classified as an Exempt Charity under Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011. This means that Aston pays no Income Tax or Inheritance Tax on gifts of money or property it receives.

Giving stocks or shares is one of the most tax-efficient ways in which you can make a gift to Aston. If you give land, property or qualifying shares to a charity such as Aston, or sell them at less than their market value, you can claim Income Tax relief and lower your tax bill, as well as getting Capital Gains Tax relief. We strongly recommend that you consult your financial advisor when considering this type of gift.

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