Nick Holzherr

Nick Holzherr graduated from Aston in 2009 with a degree in International Business and Modern Languages. He was a candidate on The Apprentice 2012 and now runs his own company; Whisk. 

Do you think it's useful for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur to go to university? 

"I think as an entrepreneur, going to university first is a good idea, you get a lot of the common sense you need when it comes to setting a business up, it's not necessarily the specific skills, you may not need every skill you learn such as financial accounting. But actually most of the things i learnt during my degree, i have used. I think Aston in particular is good for that as it focuses on a practical implementation of the skills you may learn." 

Why did you choose Aston University? 

"I chose Aston in general as when i came here i loved the atmosphere, it's a small university and i like the focus on things like societies. Primarily for me it also has a strong focus on business and a good employability score." 

I use the skills i took away from Aston everyday in business."

Job title

Founder and CEO of Whisk 



International Business and Modern Languages

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