Top 5 tips for your exams


Joshua Crawley 
Aston Graduate and Blogger

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1) Plan Ahead

Avoid your own personal Friday the 13th on exam day by planning ahead, split your work into chunks and then allocate them to a day, this might be something as simple as doing 4 journal articles a day or one past paper a day. Either way, make it so it's something you can stick to and covers all your work. 

2) Work With Friends

If you have the right type of friends who can actually concentrate and not just zone out and end up down the pub, revising together can be very beneficial. Especially if you have different learning styles. You also have your own quiz master at hand, maintenance rehearsal vs elaborative rehearsal, there's some psychology behind this one.  

3) The Reading List Is Your Friend

It may sound overly obvious but the reading list is the biggest give away of both exam content and what you should be writing in your exam, obviously this may not be as applicable if you're doing a subject like maths but for essay based exams it may save your life. Try to summarize each text and its key points in a few paragraphs. 

4) Reward Yourself

You're all beautiful hard working students, treat yourself. You deserve it. What ever your vice is maybe up the ante a little, have a bag of sweets once you've completed that tricky past paper.

5) Get Your Playlist Right

I'm sure a number of you may have already read my article on supercharging your revision playlist, but to reiterate my point, find your groove, as long as you're paying attention to your revision and not the songs. There will be something for you from classical, to instrumental, to the latest chart music. Maybe even John Cage's 4'33" for the strong silent types. 

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