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Joshua Crawley 
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If you're an audiophile like me, it can be a sizable task sorting the correct revision playlist and is often a source of procrastination. As the mood needs to be just right. This might take hours with the  combination of free high speed internet connection at hand in your accommodation and a Spotify premium account. So here are 7 of the finest instrumental albums to revise to:

1) Discover Satie - Erik Satie

The revision playlist is never without a bit of classical music, it allows you to feel cultured and intelligent, even if your confidence has taken a knock, going over those complex formulae. You'll most likely have heard Erik Satie's music without realizing especially Gymnopedies: No. 1.  

2) Inception Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer

Take away the lights, camera, plot and Hollywood stars and what you have is an amazing soundtrack. Which really helps you focus. The dynamic highs and lows of the music also help keep things interesting and stop you from nodding off under a pile of Law books. 

3) Avoid The Light - Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling are a German post rock group, this album is even more-so dynamic than the last with soothing clean guitar parts, climaxing in groovy distortion laden sections. Along with that, any Psychology student should enjoy the subtle reference in the track listing.

4) Zero Order Phase - Jeff Loomis

Definitely one for the fans of heavier music out there. Jeff Loomis has played with a number of reputable bands such as Nevermore and has been recently drafted to strum the strings for Arch Enemy. However his solo stuff is where he shines, laying down some of the most complex guitar playing known to man.

5) Development - Antoine Dufor

On the lighter side of guitar fanaticism is Antoine Dufor a French-Canadian player, who creates layers of beautiful melody and complex rhythmical structures with a single acoustic guitar and if he is feeling cheeky some orchestration. Just be careful you don't end up wanting to learn the guitar instead of revising. 

6) Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Soundtrack - Power Glove

If you want your revision session to feel like an 80's action movie this right here is your sound track, just remember neon clothing and mullets are completely optional.  

7) Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis

Finally the classic Jazz album, the blue tones of Miles Davis should help you get that first class mark, just remember to supplement this with some hipsterish organic coffee and thick rimmed glasses for full effect.

Finally, if it all gets too much and you're in a panic about your degree and convincing yourself you'll fail, give this a blast: 

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