How to transform your university room into a home

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Charlotte A’Court

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Before moving to Aston, one of my main concerns was how I was going to be able to make the room I would be living in for the next year feel like my own. How could I make an empty, generic room feel like a place I could feel comfortable in? I made it my mission to find little bits and pieces to fill up this empty room and transform it into somewhere I could call home. Here are a few things I did:

1. Pillows and bedspreads

Bring bedding from home

Decorative pillows are a great way to make a room look instantly warmer and more comforting. For such an easy step to make a place look a lot more homely, pillows can also be relatively cheap as well. If you go to a homeware shop with a sale on, you can get pillows like these for about £4 each. 

Bedspreads are also a great way to make a room feel like a home as well. Soft and warm, they are great to cuddle into when watching a movie in the evening and making you feel much more relaxed in a place.

2. Bring bits from home

Bring stuff from home

Bringing bits and bobs you already owned is another great way to make your new room feel comforting. Bringing trinkets, ornaments and other bits from your old room will remind you of home and will make you feel a lot more relaxed in your new city. 

Also, having these little bits and pieces will help to fill out your new university room and will stop making it look like a big, empty, cold space of which you have to live in for a year!

3. Pictures of your family and friends

Photographs for your room

Hanging up pictures of your family and friends will make your university room much more homely. As you’ll most likely have to leave your loved ones at home, bringing pictures or other memorabilia of them to decorate your room with will be comforting to you whenever you begin to miss them. Photographs of other people bring a different kind of warmth and happiness to a room, again increasing the likelihood of you feeling more comfortable in your new room.

4. Hang up posters


Another thing I did to make my room more decorative was to buy a few posters to white-tac to my walls. This helps to make your room to feel personalised by yourself and therefore you will feel very cozy and happy when in your room – because it looks like your own. 

Decorating your room with things that you love is the best way to make your university room feel like a home because you are literally mirroring what is in the inside of you into an outside space. You will feel much more comfortable and happy when you have filled your room with bits and pieces that reflect your hobbies, interests and experiences and you will learn to settle in to your new home a lot more quickly!

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