Aston, then and now


Joshua Crawley 
Aston Graduate and Blogger 

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1) Aston Street 

Aston Street

Aston street has remained a largely permanent fixture, only the old fire station was a working fire station at one point, ready to fight blazes in the grater Birmingham area. It also used to host student favourites Aston Wines and Coffee and Cream. R.I.P my old friends. 

2) The Library Exterior

Library Exterior
The library has always been a landmark of Aston's campus. Some of it's tower like stone walls, which create a fortress of knowledge still stand today, only with a shiny new extension on the front allowing light to open up the space, just because it's a library doesn't mean you need a candle to navigate a dark, dusty old hall. 

3) Library Interior

Library Interior

A bygone era ago the library ground floor used to be more than a place to eat a sausage roll and chat about last nights television. It housed friendly staff tasked with finding you the right books, because you couldn't just roll out of bed and download a journal article in minutes. All hail technological advancements right?

4) Students Union

Students Union

Gone are the vicious motorcycle gangs which used to roam Aston, or more likely students who really loved the film Quadrophenia. The student's union still showcases it's classic design, only making the bridge into the university internal so you don't have to get wet going for that crucial brain boosting burger in B4 Bar. 

5) The EBRI Building

EBRI Building
From a classic BBC workplace to the high tech European Biomass Research Institute. The EBRI building is a marvel of campus already providing enough self sustaining energy to power itself. Plans to expand include powering the students union. 

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