20 minutes to the Library of Birmingham - Charlotte's first impressions

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Charlotte A’Court

1st year Psychology student and blogger

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The thing I was most impressed about when first visiting Aston's campus was how close it really was to the main attractions of Birmingham. 

Everybody knows how it's only a 10 minute walk from the famous Bullring shopping centre, but many people don’t know much else about what you can easily access from Aston’s campus. 

Corporation street outside campus
Just stepping outside the gates of Mary Sturge residences and you are already in a busy high street, filled with many ‘foodie’ favourites such as Boston Tea Party, the local pubs and other food shops. 
Corporation street shops
After 10 minutes of walking from campus, I have already reached one of the main high streets which has huge shops such as New Look, Superdrug and Urban Outfitters filling the street. However, university isn’t all about having fun with friends and learning about yourself, you also have to buckle down and work hard. Therefore, I wanted to see how easy it would be to get to the new Library of Birmingham. 

Library of Birmingham

20 minutes after leaving my flat, I was in library (and I walk quite slowly, so it would probably be a shorter walk for anybody else). The modern build is intriguing and impressive, with cafes, silent study areas, group areas, a bar and even an area for table tennis. You can tell Birmingham has invested a lot of thought and resources into this library and it really is a creative idea of what a library should be – a place to feel comfortable while learning. 

Escalator to the top of the building

The walls are lined from floor to ceiling with books on every subject imaginable and it is easy to find what book you are looking for with the smart systems of book location in the library computers.

I was very impressed with how easily you can get to everything you need to as an Aston student. Whether it be consumer based or study based, everything is less than 30 minutes away by foot and a lovely walk to get there as well. All in all, the campus is in the heart of the city, and therefore everything is available to you at your finger tips.

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