10 things you probably didn't know about campus

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1. The concrete sculptures on campus used to move during the night

Back in the 70s you could walk onto campus one morning to see the Aston Crosses in a completely new location. It's not known who used to move them, or why.

Aston cross sculptures on campus

2. The EBRI building used to belong to the BBC and was an art centre in the 70s and 80s

With such a striking design, no wonder the building has been used for a variety of things over the years. It was also a Waterstones in the 90s.

EBRI and the BBC
EBRI at the campus arts centre

3. When it was first built, the main building was the tallest building in Birmingham

An ambitious project for the 50's, Aston's main Building towered over the competition at 145 feet.

Aston's Main Building

4. The Aston Kestrel lives in an office

The law makes it difficult to move a Kestrel's nest once it has set up shop, so we couldn't do much when Kitty moved in. We get along fine though.

Kestrel living in an Aston office

5. The lake isn't that deep

It's not recommend, but if you were to walk out into the campus lake, you would most likely be able to stand.

Campus lake

6. The steps up to the upper foyer go through the original entrance to the University

You wouldn't even notice, but the bridge connecting the Main Building with the South Wing goes through the original entrance to the University.

Original entrance to the University
Either side of the entrance you can see two murals of scientists. They are the exact same pieces that are either side of today's lower foyer stairs.

Entrance to the University in the 50s

7. You can still see where the paternoster lifts used to be

If you walk into the Careers + Placements corridor and look up to your right, you will see an old engineering panel for the paternoster lifts. The lifts were never fully removed, just sealed away.

An original paternoster lift control panel located outside of Careers + Placements:

Lift control panel

8. A foundation stone of the Main Building was set by Princess Margaret

You've probably walked past it a hundred times, but in the lower foyer of the Main Building you can spot a foundation stone placed by Princess Margaret.

Foundation stone

9. We have the oldest working pool in Birmingham

A lot of Birmingham's traditional pools are in ruin, which makes this place even more special.

Woodcock sports centre pool

10. A road used to go through campus

Aston wasn't always pedestrianised. All kinds of vehicles, even trams, used to pass through the middle of campus.

Road through campus
Did we miss something or do you know something special about Aston? Share what you know below.

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