Q. Am I guaranteed an accommodation offer?
A. For information regarding the accommodation guarantee please see the allocation policy.

Q. How can I apply for University accommodation?
A. Simply go to our Apply online pages.
Please be aware that you will need to use your nine digit student number to apply.
New students – Please note that this will be on your course offer letter.
Returning students – this will be on your university I.D. Card.

Q. What are the deadlines for applying for accommodation?
A. The accommodation application deadline for new UK and EU is 10th July 2015. The deadline for Postgraduate and Overseas Fee Payers is July 31st 2015. 

Q. I have chosen Aston University as my Insurance choice. Should I still apply for accommodation?
A. Yes – as we try to accommodate as many Insurance applicants as we can.

Q. Can I apply for one term?
A. Yes – applications will be accepted for short term lets including one term. If you only wish to apply for short term accommodation, you need to state this in the additional notes section of the application form.

Q. What do I do if I have forgotten my accommodation application password?
A. Just follow the instructions on the home page of the accommodation application.

Q. I have made a mistake on my application form, how can I change it?
A. If you think you have made a mistake on your application form, please contact accommodationonline@aston.a.cuk giving us your full name, date of birth, nine digit student number and the changes you want to make. We will then amend the details for you.

Q. Is there any single sex accommodation available?
A. We have a limited amount of single sex accommodation available. 
Please note: If there are empty rooms in single sex flats, we reserve the right to allocate students waiting for a room, which may change the flat from single sex to mixed sex

Q. Who manages the University accommodation?
A. Aston University Residential Services Team is responsible for the management of the university accommodation.

Q. Do you have accommodation suitable for couples?
A. No – all of our student accommodation is single occupancy

Q. When will I receive my accommodation offer?
A. New students will receive an accommodation offer once they convert to an Unconditional offer with the University.
Returning students will receive an accommodation offer shortly after they submit their application form

Q. Can I view the room offered to me before I accept the offer
A. We cannot guarantee to show you the exact room offered to you, but we will show one which is similar. Please contact Harriet Martineau Reception via 0121 204 4715

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?
A. Yes – you need to pay a deposit of £200.00 at the time of accepting the accommodation offer. The deposit is refundable at the end of the Licence period subject to the Licence Agreement.

Q. Why didn’t I get my first choice accommodation?
A. We always endeavour to allocate students their first choice, but unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee to do so.

Q. Can I cancel my accommodation and get a refund?
A. Once you have accepted your accommodation offer, you have entered into an agreement. For more information, you should refer to the Residents’ handbook and Licence.

Q. My accommodation offer has been cancelled what can I do?
A. If you do not accept your accommodation within 7 days it will be cancelled. If you still want to live on campus you should email accommodationonline@aston.ac.uk  and we will endeavour to allocate you another room.

 Q. Am I able to transfer to another room if I am not happy with the one allocated to me?
A. If you are not happy with your university room/flat when you arrive, there is a chance to transfer (commencing October) subject to availability. The transfer process continues throughout the Residential Year and, if you are successful, there is a £50.00 charge.

Q. Where should I go if I have a query about my accommodation when I arrive?
A. If you have query about your accommodation when you arrive, in the first instance, you should go to the Accommodation Office in Harriet Martineau Reception.

Q. Can I find out the names of my flatmates before I move in?
A. Unfortunately, due to data protection we are unable to disclose this information.

Q. Can I extend my Licence?
A. If you wish to extend your Licence, you need to contact accom@aston.ac.uk a few weeks before the end of your Licence period. 

Q. What’s included in the accommodation fee?
A. All utility bills and cleaning is included in the accommodation fee.

Q. When are payments due?
A. For information regarding due dates for payment see here.

Q. Can I connect to the Internet in my room?
A. Yes, there is free Internet access.

Q. How far is the accommodation from the University?
A. All of our accommodation is located on the University campus

Q. Is there any student car parking available on campus?
A. Unfortunately, student car parking is not available on campus

Q. Is there any catered accommodation on campus?
A. Catered accommodation is not available, but you can purchase a catering package for our on campus eateries.

Q. I have a disability – will this be taken into consideration when I apply for accommodation?
A. Yes, we take into consideration any disability you may have.
We have a number of rooms for students with wheelchairs, mobility issues, hearing or visual impairments.

Q. Where can I find more information about my accommodation?
A. You will find more information, including a virtual tour at http://www1.aston.ac.uk/asv/ 

Q. Will my room be cleaned?
A. The communal areas are cleaned regularly and a cleaning schedule will be provided on arrival.

Q. If I have a maintenance problem who do I report it to?
A. All maintenance issues should be reported via our web link.

Q. How do I report any damage or issues with my room/flat?
A. You should contact your Residence Officer immediately. Find details and location of your Residence Officer here.

Q. What do I need to bring with me for my room/flat?
A. Please refer to the Residents’ handbook and Licence for information on what to bring with you. 

Q. Do I need insurance for my possessions?
A. Students are strongly advised to obtain insurance for their personal belongings

Q. Do I need a television licence?
A. If you watch or record television programmes as they are being shown on TV – whether online, on a TV or any other device, you require a TV Licence

Q. Can I bring a pet?
A. Sorry, we cannot have any pets on campus – not even a goldfish!

Q. Can I bring a bicycle?
A. Bicycles are allowed on campus but cannot be kept in your room/flat. There are a number of bicycle racks located around campus.

Q. Is there a launderette on campus?
A. There are launderettes located on campus, within the accommodation blocks, for residents to use.

Q. What re-cycling arrangements are available on campus?
A. There are re-cycling containers available on campus and re-cycling bins located in the kitchens

Q. Where do I collect my mail?
A. Letters are delivered direct to the post boxes in the halls of residence. If you receive a parcel, delivery, you will be notified of its arrival and instructions to collect it from Harriet Martineau Reception.

Q. What about Security and Welfare on campus?
A. There is 24 hour Security and Welfare provision on campus provided by the University Residential Services Team and Security.

Q. Can I have guests in my room?
A. Yes, for two consecutive nights in accordance with the Licence agreement. Alternatively, guest accommodation can be booked via L.D.Ingram@aston.ac.uk

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