Good Neighbours

Good "Neighbour" Policy

When you live in residences you form part of a community and like any other community it depends on each and every member playing a part in ensuring its safe and efficient running.

Your behaviour should be compatible not only with good order within the residences and show consideration for your fellow students, but should not disturb, inconvenience or upset members of staff. Here are some simple reminders of how being a ‘good neighbour’ can enhance your community.
good neighbours
good neighbours

Having friends around?

Remember to tell your flat-mates and give them plenty of notice. Ask your guests to leave quietly, and give consideration to others and clear up any rubbish. Keep the noise levels low and be responsive to requests for quiet.

Overnight guests?

You can have overnight guests for up to two consecutive nights. You will need to ensure that they have been signed in at Lakeside Reception and remember to inform your fellow flat-mates. You will be responsible for your guests’ actions, anti-social behaviour and for any damage they may cause. Do not leave them unattended in the flat and please ask them to be considerate to your fellow flat-mates.

When returning home late

Remember to keep the noise levels down and be careful not to slam front/communal doors. Be considerate - your flat mates may be asleep, or they may be studying.

Good Behaviour

You should be fully aware that threatening, intimidating, bullying or harassing behaviour is not tolerated under any circumstances and that damage to, or misuse of, university property will not be tolerated and will be investigated. Remember, disciplinary action will be taken and may prove very costly.

Disputes between residents

Students are expected to attempt to resolve disputes amongst themselves. If the dispute becomes difficult to resolve or proves to be ongoing, then you are advised to contact your Residence Officer who will investigate your concerns. Contact details of your Residence Officer can be found on the Residential Services Staff list.