Damage & Cleaning charges

As you might expect students are responsible for the care of fabric, fixtures and fittings in your own  room. However if these things become damaged in a communal area, and the person who caused the damage cannot be identified, a detailed investigation will be undertaken to establish responsibility. If this proves inconclusive, it will be necessary to charge the whole flat.

There is a right of appeal via your Residence Officer for any charges against you and this should be instigated by you within 10 days of the charge being raised.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions and Licence Agreement in relation to all losses, breakages and damages. Details of typical charges which you may incur are listed below.

Certain charges will require confirmation; for example, where a cost is subject to obtaining a quotation, or may vary as a result of a price increase, and, therefore, this list should be used as an indicator only of the approximate cost you will be charged.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and all amounts are subject to an administration fee of £10.00, or £25.00 for a communal charge. If malicious damage occurs out of hours and an Engineer is required to attend, ‘call out’ charges will be added.