Emergency Procedures


The Security Office at the Main Building is staffed 24 hours a day and is able to deal with emergencies of all types.

In the event of an emergency

The external number for security is 0121 359 2922
The internal number for security is 2222
Calling security from a mobile number is 0121 359 2922


Residents are solely responsible for the security of their personal belongings. The University accepts no responsibility for loss or damage. Your study bedroom should be locked whenever you leave it unattended and, if you live on the ground floor, all windows should be secured even for a short period. Kitchen and flat doors should remain locked, particularly at night. Any loss should be reported to Residential Services staff and Security.

All staff and students are issued with identity cards and any stranger should be asked for proof of identity. Any person seen acting suspiciously should be reported immediately to the Security Office or Residential Services staff. If you see, hear or experience any unusual occurrence (e.g. the presence of an intruder), report to Security as indicated above immediately. The University operates 24-hour CCTV coverage for the protection of staff, students and visitors, and our Security staff patrol the site regularly.


All overnight guests must be signed in by the resident (at Lakeside Reception), in order that they can be accounted for should evacuation of the residences be necessary. Please ensure that your guests are not left unattended in the flat at any time.


Detailed instructions to be followed in the event of fire are posted in each Room. These should be carefully read and observed and you are advised to make a mental note of your fire assembly point.

There are manually operated fire alarms in all flats. When the glass is broken an alarm is sounded automatically, and a loud warning sounds on all floors. There are smoke detectors in all corridors
and bedrooms and heat detectors in kitchen/dining areas.

A very serious view is taken of any tampering with fire equipment including fire doors. Any student who breaks an alarm glass to raise a false alarm or interferes in any way with fire fighting equipment, including alarms, smoke/heat detectors, fire hoses etc., commits a criminal offence, and will also be subject to the University’s disciplinary procedure.

When the fire alarm sounds, the building must be evacuated immediately. Do not use lifts, do not wait to gather personal effects, and do not attempt to re-enter the building until the Fire Authority has given the all-clear.

Fire tests are arranged periodically when full evacuation of all residences will be required.

Posters, mobiles, Christmas decorations etc., are not permitted in kitchens as they represent a potential fire risk.

Make sure that the published fire precautions are understood and observed. Your life may depend on your actions.


The fire assembly point for all residences is the fountain area outside the Main Building. (See site plan in information booklet.)


Emergency fire fighting equipment is provided for the safety of all. It is important that it is maintained in an efficient manner.

Disciplinary action, which is likely to result in expulsion from the residences, will be taken against anyone found to have damaged, misused or tampered with fire fighting equipment of any kind. If you discover any fire extinguisher to be empty, or other equipment to be faulty or missing, please report it as soon as possible to the Lakeside Reception.

Charges will be made for all fire extinguishers released without due cause.