Your electrical goods will need to be Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) for electrical safety and to comply with UK and EU
Electrical Safety standards.

The standard electricity supply in the UK is 220 / 240 volts, 50 cycles AC, and the standard outlet is a 13-amp square 3-pin plug. Each room on campus has a minimum of one 13-amp socket.

Instruction leaflets for all appliances are in the kitchen of your flat.

Fire Safety Posters
The cooker has an oven, electric rings/ceramic top and grill. Always use the grill pan handle when operating the grill and moderate the temperature according to what you are cooking.
The oven should be cleaned regularly and the grill pan should be kept clean of fat and grease as this poses a serious fire risk.

Do not line the grill with foil as this also poses a fire risk.
Take care! - Do not touch items in the oven without oven gloves.

Ensure the cooker is switched off before you attempt any cleaning procedures.
The cooker should be cleaned regularly.

Take care! - Do not leave the cooker unattended while you are
cooking as this poses a fire risk. You may incur charges for any damage resulting from this and fined should it be necessary to evacuate the building.

Never use metal containers, cans or any ceramics with metallic trim, this causes arcing which damages the appliance. Please ensure that the Microwave is not left unattended during operation. Always ensure that you follow the instructions.

The microwave oven should be kept clean and it is recommended that you wipe it with a damp cloth after use.

Ensure fridge/freezers are kept switched on at all times and the doors are closed. Regularly clean them and dispose of any out-of-date food. Fridge/freezers must be defrosted regularly therefore we recommend this is done at least once per term.

To defrost the freezer it must be emptied and switched off.

Do not exceed the maximum water level indicated. Take care when pouring boiling water. Do not place the kettle on the top of the cooker or microwave.

– water and electricity do not mix!

Never leave a toaster unattended when switched on. Only sliced bread should be put inside the toaster. If the bread becomes stuck, ensure you switch it off before removing the bread. The crumb tray should be regularly emptied.
Electric Iron
Always use the iron on the appropriate setting for the type of material you are ironing e.g. Synthetic material, Wool or Cotton. If using the steam function do not fill with water beyond the maximum level indicated and do not fill with water if the iron is switched on.

Do not leave the iron on if you are leaving the room as this poses a serious hazard and potential fire risk.

If the wire becomes frayed or there are any problems with the iron - do NOT use it.
Vacuum Cleaners
These are provided for you to keep the accommodation clean. When using the vacuum cleaner please ensure the electric cable is fully extended and does not cause a trip hazard.

If you suspect there is any fault with any appliance, ensure it is turned off and report it immediately to staff at Lawrence Tower reception. Please check that your appliance is in good working order by looking for:

  • No cracks or damage to appliance casing.
  • Cables should be free from damage, no signs of burning, cuts or abrasions and have no signs of non standard joints
    (e.g. a taped up cable).
  • That the appliance has the required European Community Standard.
  • That the equipment has a 3 pin 13 amp standard UK plug or the correct adaptor.
  • That the equipment is not rated above 3 KW or 13 amps.

No portable heaters are allowed.

Because of the dangers of overloading, extension leads and multi- plugs are discouraged. Residential Services will provide extension leads where they are deemed necessary.