At Aston our key priority is the safety of our students. We have fully trained staff on campus who can respond without delay. The campus offers a variety of notification services from smoke alarms to general notifications, as well as campus security. We want you to enjoy your experience living on campus and we therefore encourage you to take responsibility not only for your own health and safety, but that of others on campus.

Please report any potential hazards to any member of Residential Services Staff immediately. Please note that University staff will carry out weekly Health and Safety checks in communal areas of flats.

The following list gives examples of the type of behaviour that constitute a breach in Health and Safety regulations.

This list is provided as a guide and is not an exhaustive list.

•    Misuse of a fire alarm
•    Tampering with smoke detectors
•    Smoking within any building
•    Holding or propping open a door allowing the unauthorised entry of others
•    Misuse of fire fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers
•    Use of electrical adapters not supplied by the University
•    Damage to or the removal of door and window closers – especially those on Fire doors
•    Failure to evacuate immediately the fire alarm sounds or returning to the building before permission has been given
•    Propping open of fire doors – any door with a self –closing mechanism or an appropriate sign on is a Fire door
•    Removing or defacing notices relating to Health and Safety
•    Blocking corridors, stairways or fire exits with equipment or stores
•    Allowing a room or a flat to become so unhygienic that it may cause a risk to health
•    Storage of flammable materials is not allowed e.g. petrol, solvents, and fireworks.
•    Causing a fire alarm activation due to non attendance of food whilst cooking
•    Drying wet clothes in your room will encourage damp.

Any student breaching Health and Safety regulations will have to pay the full cost to repair and/or replace any damaged safety equipment.