Apply for accommodation

Prospective Aston students will soon be able to apply for 2017/18 accommodation.

If you are a new student and joining us between September 2017 and July 2018, the portal to apply for accommodation will become available shortly. You will be notified when the portal goes live.

If you haven't selected Aston as your university then please do that on the UCAS site before logging in here.

To apply for student accommodation you need your Aston University Unique Student Identification Number (a 9 digit number). This number can be found on your course offer letter which your faculty / school would have sent you when you were made an offer for a course at Aston University. Please note - this is NOT the same as your UCAS number.

View principles of allocation policy for new students including conditions and deadlines of our First Year Guarantee Scheme for Aston University Students who would like to live in student accommodation during their studies.