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The application form must be submitted as soon as possible after you have accepted an 
unconditional or conditional offer.

Please be aware that an Accommodation Offer will only be made once your Conditional Firm Offer changes to an Unconditional Firm offer. 

Clearing/Adjustment/late applicants - click here 

Application deadlines

In order to protect your guarantee of accommodation we would ask that students holding Aston as their Firm Choice submit their application by the following dates as appropriate:  

  • New UK and EU (Non-British) Undergraduates 31 July 2014  
  • International (Non-EU) and all New Postgraduates 8 August 2014 

Group applications welcome

If you want to share a flat with your friends, just put the name and student number of each person you want to share with in the additional notes section on the application form – then leave the rest to us! 

Please be aware that single sex accommodation is not guaranteed and the university reserves the right to infill a vacant room in a single sex flat, which may change the flat to mixed sex accommodation

Returning 2nd / 3rd / final year students are still very welcome to apply for 2014/15.

New students  should use their nine digit student number on the accommodation application form. If you do not have a student number you should contact your Admissions Secretary in your proposed School of Study.

Postgraduate students should use their nine digit student number on the accommodation application form. This will be displayed on your course offer letter. If you do not have a Nine-digit student number you should contact your Admissions Secretary in your proposed School of Study at Aston.

Returning students should insert their existing nine digit student number on the application form. Successful returning students will receive an offer before the end of the second term.

Please note: An accommodation deposit of £200 is payable at the time you accept the offer of a room on campus only


All accommodation correspondence will be sent to the email address you give when you apply via the online booking system.

Generally, you will not receive any information regarding accommodation via the post, but you must inform the Accommodation Office AND your Admissions Secretary immediately if you change your home address, just in case.

You should notify the Accommodation Office if you are away on holiday, particularly during late August and September via accom@aston.ac.uk 


Your accommodation offer will be sent out once an application form has been received and your study place at the University has been confirmed (when your offer converts from Conditional Firm to Unconditional Firm).

Please  be aware that single sex accommodation is not guaranteed. The university reserves the right to infill any vacant room in a single sex flat which may mean a change to mixed sex accommodation.

If for any reason, we have to send the offer of accommodation by post, please ensure that there is someone available at the home address you provide on your application form who can respond immediately. Due to a great demand for accommodation, rooms are re-offered to another student if a deposit and acceptance is not received by the date stipulated in the offer letter (unless we have been notified of a delay).

If you decline the accommodation offer we make we cannot guarantee to offer you another room, but we do advise that you contact us.

Medical conditions/Special Need or Religious/Cultural Need 

If you have a condition/special need, which you wish to be taken into consideration when applying, you are advised to write to the Accommodation Officer with a supporting medical certificate. All information will be treated confidentially. Medical notes or religious/cultural needs do not guarantee your first choice accommodation.

Identification (ID) 

If you are allocated a room in university accommodation, you will be required to bring your accommodation offer letter and some I.D (such as your passport) with you when you arrive to collect your keys/swipe card.

  • After we receive your application for accommodation and your offer changes from Conditional Firm to Unconditional Firm, an accommodation offer will be sent to you.
  • We will make an offer of accommodation which will be sent to the email address you provide on your application form. Therefore, it is important that you check your email regularly, particularly during the summer period. If you are not able to do so, please give someone else, a parent/guardian for example, permission to check for you. Please try to always check your junk mail as some service providers may not accept emails from Aston University.
  • Please be aware that single sex accommodation is not guaranteed and the university reserves the right to infill a vacant room in a single sex flat, which may change the flat to mixed sex accommodation
  • You will have 7 days from the date the offer is sent in which to accept. You will be asked to make the deposit payment of £200 in order to secure your room booking via the online system by the due date stated in the email. The deposit is refundable at the end of the Residential year subject to the Residents’ handbook & Licence. We will endeavour to refund your deposit within 28 days from the end of the Licence period. (The number of days for accepting offers will decrease as we get nearer the start of term).
  • If you do not accept the offer and make the deposit payment by the date stated on your offer of accommodation, your place could be allocated to another student. 
  • To help with the process, it is your responsibility on receipt of the offer to respond within the time stated. If you do not respond as requested in the email, you could lose the booking and the room will be offered to another student. If this happens, but you still wish to be considered for a room on campus, you can contact accommodationonline@aston.ac.uk and request that we reconsider your application. We will endeavour to offer you an alternative room. You should also be aware that in making the initial offer, the University has fulfilled its guarantee (to new students) in accordance with the University Allocation Policy.  
  • If you turn down the accommodation offer made to you, we cannot always guarantee to offer you an alternative room. 
  • Before accepting an accommodation offer, it is essential that you read the Residents’ handbook & Licence. Accepting the offer enters you into a legally binding contract that commits you to the  Residents’ handbook & Licencee, which includes your obligation to pay accommodation fees for the FULL Licence period. 
  • Please ensure that you bring a copy of your offer letter, and some form of Identification with you when you arrive.
  • All offers for University residences are made for a full residential year only which means you will be charged for three terms in accordance with the Residents’ handbook & Licence. Please be aware that the residential year and the academic year are not the same. 

Accommodation bookings are taken for the 20 week, 16 week, 12 week, 8 week and 4 week pre-sessional english language courses. Students attending for the 20 / 16 week courses will be allocated to vacancies in flats with current students, and will then be given a booking for the summer vacation period and the academic year (which commences at the end of the pre-sessional course).  

We endeavour to meet all requirements and requests, however we cannot always fulfill all requirements. Specifically we cannot always guarantee your first choice or single accommodation.

Equally we cannot guarantee to allocate you to your term time room for the Summer Vacation period, or to allocate you to the room you are currently living in.

We are very sensitive to the needs of students with special needs, however special needs do not guarantee you your first choice accommodation. If you feel your needs have not been met please get in touch.

Once you have accepted the offer and the total amount due has been paid, that there is no refund if you vacate.
Pre-sessional accommodation bookings and the summer vacation period must be paid in full at the time of acceptance (There is no refund on summer vacation bookings if the dates are reduced after the booking has been accepted).

Offers of accommodation will be sent to the email address you provide on your application form. (Generally, you will not receive anything relating to accommodation via post). 

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