Disability Code of Practice

The University recognises the importance of having effective support mechanisms in place to enable all students to achieve their potential, and will continue to improve and expand provision for students with a disability. The Disability Code of Practice seeks to reinforce this commitment. It is intended as a practical tool to identify a range of issues that students with a variety of disabilities face when studying at the higher education level, and the type of support that Aston University can offer. It seeks to make transparent the University’s decision making processes regarding reasonable adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment practices, and the processes for gaining support. The Code also seeks to identify opportunities to promote an inclusive environment for learning and assessment which anticipates the varied requirements of all students, irrespective of disability status.

This Code of Practice is written with the intention of being read in conjunction with the University's Academic Regulations, so as to provide detail of how these may be administered in the context of students with a disability.

Last updated: TB 11.04.17