How to complain about the support you receive as a research student

If as a research student, you are dissatisfied with your conditions of work or the quality of your supervision, you should wherever possible discuss the difficulties with your Internal Supervisor.  In doing so, it may be appropriate to refer to the University Code of Practice for Research Degrees. If you prefer not to discuss the complaint with your Internal Supervisor, you should approach your School's Associate Dean for Research or their nominee or, where the Associate Dean Research is the Supervisor, the Executive Dean.

If your Internal Supervisor or Associate Dean for Research or nominee does not resolve your difficulties, you may refer the complaint to the Executive Dean under the procedures detailed in the School/Departmental stage of the Student Complaints Procedures. In circumstances where the Supervisor is the Executive Dean, or the Executive Dean has been approached in place of the Associate Dean Research, you may refer your complaint to the Chief Operating Officer or their nominee under the procedures detailed in the University stage of the Student Complaints Procedure.

You should note that no complaints will be considered once you have submitted your thesis.

If you want help or guidance about making a complaint you can e-mail the Advice & Representation Centre or the Secretary of the Univeristy's Research Degrees Committee.

You can access the detailed procedures for dealing with complaints by Research students by clicking on General Regulations for Higher Degrees By Research and Thesis.