Consideration of Your Academic Appeal - Stage 1

Stage 1 - Initial Assessment of Whether you have valid grounds for appeal

Your appeal will normally be acknowledged by the Secretary of the Appeals Committee within seven days of receipt. The Secretary and Chair of the Academic Appeals Committee will consider your written submission to ensure that you do have valid grounds for appeal. You will be informed in writing if there are no appropriate grounds to initiate the appeals process. Stage 1 normally takes two to three weeks depending on the availability of key personnel, particularly the Chair of the Board of Examiners.  Please note that in the Summer vacation period (July to September) University staff often take annual leave and it may take five to six weeks for you to receive a formal response.

If there are appropriate grounds your appeal will proceed to Stage 2.

If there are not appropriate grounds you will be informed in writing of the reasons why your appeal could not be progressed.  If you remain dissatisfied you may request an Appeal Outcome Review.