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Aston University is a safe campus with low levels of crime. Security Services are constantly vigilant in order to maintain this secure environment for the students, staff and visitors.

Emergencies (open 24hrs)

  • Only 2222 (internal)
  • 0121 359 2922 (external)
General Enquiries (open 24hrs)
  • 4803 (internal)

Security contact points

Main reception 
Main Building - open 24 hrs a day for Security issues including student safety, security advice, lost and found property as general customer enquiries.

Security Control Room 
Main Building – open 24 hrs a day for reporting of incidents, accidents, alarms and other issues requiring a customer response.

Head of Security

  • Mark Sutton 

Security Managers

  • Mr. Bradford
  • Ms. Bluck 

Senior Security Officer

  • Mr. McKen

Security Administration Support

  • Mrs. Hanaphy 

Team 'A'  - Team Leader: Mr. Malkin

Security Officer: Mr. Girling  -  Security Officer: Mr. Ghani

Control Room Operator: Mr. Mullett - Patrol Officer: Mr. Dennett

Team 'B'  - Team Leader: Mr Khan 

Security Officer: Mr. Mohammed  -  Security Officer: Mr. Kattri

Control Room Operator: Mr. Beddows

Team 'C'  - Team Leader: Mr Hayes 

Security Officer: Miss. Saunders  -  Security Officer: Mr. Williams

Control Room Operator: Mr. Brookes - Patrol Officer Mr. Cronan

Team 'D'  - Team Leader: Mr Stewart 

Security Officer: Mr. Robertson  -  Security Officer: Miss. Hines

Control Room Operator: Ms Scandrett - Patrol Officer: Mr Ali

Team 'E'  - Team Leader: Miss Malkin 

Security Officer: Mr McKenzie  -  Security Officer: Mr Sarwar

Control Room Operator: Mr Franks - Patrol Officer: Mr. Beasley.

Reception and Switchboards Operators 

Reception Manager: Ms. Lynne

Switchboard Operators: Mrs. Daly, Mrs. Blackford, Mrs Troth, Mrs. Petty.

University Chauffeur (Assigned to Security) 

  • Mr. Cope

Estate Security

  • Patrol Campus 24/7
  • Respond to and manage all emergencies
  • Respond to Fire Alarms
  • Lock up buildings after hours
  • Respond to all maintenance issues out of hours


  • Monitor all access control systems across Campus, including academic and residentail buildings.
  • Provide access to all authorized persons out of hours

Residential Life

  • Support RT and PG when dealing with low level incidents in residences
  • Patrol residences to provide reassurance
  • Support students when required
  • Search for students who are missing
  • Provide high level First Aid support

Car Parking

  •  Manage all systems infrastructure for car parking
  • Manage allocation of spaces
  • Patrol car parks to prevent crime
  • Enforce parking regulations when required

Teaching areas

  •  Patrol all areas and monitor displays and alarms
  • Respond to panic alarms
  • Escort vulnerable people late at night when required


  • Provide traffic management
  • Advise and support all events across campus
  • Manage protests/provide protection to visiting VIPs

Other duties

  • Support Students Guild on security advice and event management
  • Manage and monitor campus extensive CCTV 24/7
  • Crime prevention advice
  • Security surveys and risk assessments
  • Investigations
  • Resource Control Room 24/7, 365 days of the year
Security arrangements in the University aim to protect people and property. These include alarms and CCTV systems, as well as a uniform patrol service 24/7.

Security staff are highly trained and provide a focal point for all incidents and the implementation of emergency procedures.

However it is also the responsibility of every individual working, visiting or studying at the University to be vigilant about security. Take as much care of your personal belongings and the equipment in your department as you would at home.

Personal safety

  • Take responsibility for yourself on a night out
  • Keep your drinks with you at all times
  • Avoid isolated places especially at night
  • Stick to well-lit routes where there are people in sight
  • If you are going out late, try to tell someone where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.
  • Never get into a taxi on the street unless it is a black cab. Only use the private hire cab recommended by the Guild
  • Don’t accept lifts from strangers
  • Don’t leave purses, bags, laptops and other valuables unattended

Personal security 

  • Keep passwords, PIN numbers and account details secret
  • Carefully destroy papers with bank and credit card details thereon
  • When you move addresses always inform your bank or other agencies of new address details
  • Re direct your post
  • Be vigilant at Cash points
  • Ensure if you carry out internet shopping that the site is secure
  • Install security software on your laptop

Property security

  •  Take out personal belongings insurance if you can
  • Mark your possessions with a UV pen
  • Don’t leave your premises or rooms unlocked
  • Close windows
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Know your IMEI number (dial *#06# on your mobile to obtain this)
  • Avoid using your mobile or laptop in public particularly in isolated places eg. Subways

Cycle Security 

  • Always use a D lock
  • Leave your cycle in a recognised rack
  • Always leave your cycle in well lit areas
  • Never leave valuables with your cycle
  • Register your bike
Security Services staff will maintain a record of found property at the Security Desk, which is open 24/7, 365 days of the year. 

Staff receiving the property will record details and give the finder a receipt if required; every effort will be made to identify the loser of the property and inform them that the property has been handed in and is awaiting collection.

Generally, property not returned to the loser after 28 days can be claimed by the finder from the Security Desk upon production of the original receipt. 

Exceptions are property containing confidential or personal information, bank/credit cards, or property the subject of crime. These will not be returned to the finder. 

Security staff will not inform the finder after the 28 days and, if uncollected, property will either be destroyed or transferred to a charitable organisation for disposal.
  • Business Continuity Plan 
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Responding to Student Death
  • Dealing with the report of a missing student or unexplained student absence from the University
  • Bomb threat
  • Dealing with critical student incidents
  • Mental Health Guidelines  
  • Serious Campus Infrastructure Incident procedure 
  • Guidance For Responders On Social Media
  • Emergency Incident Managers - Initial Actions
  • Emergency Incident Managers - Decision Log
In order to maintain high standards and improve the services we deliver to students, staff and visitors it is essential to receive honest thoughts and opinions on staff and services from our customers. 

If you have had dealings with Security staff or have suggestions or ideas for an improved service then please take a few moments to to complete and submit the form below. 

These comments will automatically be forwarded to the Head of Security Services. Alternatively you can email your comments directly to security@aston.ac.uk

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Emergencies (open 24hrs)
  • Only 2222 (internal)
  • 0121 359 2922 (external)
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  • 4803 (internal)
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  • 4317 (internal)
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