XCRI-CAP Course Data Project


Currently Aston University provides course information in a number of different formats for a variety of different consumers:

  • The website
  • Printed prospectus
  • Internal consumption
  • UCAS
  • School based prospectus
  • Course specific leaflets/flyers

These different formats are produced by different departments within the University from a number of different data sources. These data sources can range from being in one of the University's core systems, such as the Content Management System, right through to the data being in a word document on an academics desktop. The management of this information is also controlled manually by staff which takes a huge amount of staff resource.

This in turn means that the information that Aston University pushes out about its courses can be different depending on the format and consumer, which is obviously a cause for concern. Keeping all of these data sources in line is currently an almost impossible task and Aston University realises that the key is to have a single set of information that can be updated easily, be controlled through an auditable workflow, and reside in a core system at the University.

This project will provide Aston University with clearly defined business processes to create / edit and delete course information. It will also provide the technical solution to enable these business processes through the use of the current student records system (SITS).

Currently Aston University does not store all short course information or professional development courses in SITS but as part of this project we will work with the relevant stakeholders to make sure that the implemented system is versatile enough so that these courses can also be stored. The system will then handle all courses that are provided by the University and will provide a single repository for all course information.


  • Review and modify the current business processes at the University surrounding the management of course information, defining the data requirements and mapping the business process.
  • Work with the key stake holders at the University throughout the project to make sure that the solution fits the business need.
  • Implement the solution, making sure that it is simple to use and provides the correct validation and help where required.
  • Update the current website, prospectus and other flows to utilise the new course information system.
  • Output an XCRI-CAP1.2 feed to support external aggregation of our course data

Anticipated Outputs and Outcomes

  • A definition of the current business processes around the management of course information.
  • A definition of the data requirements for the course information system.
  • A technical specification mapping business processes to workflow and the eVision tasks that will be created.
  • A technical specification mapping the University data requirements to the fields within SITS.
  • A software implementation in SITS using Process Manager and IPP modules.
  • An XCRI-CAP 1.2 feed
  • The Aston website will use the new course information system.
  • The printed prospectus will use the new course information system.