A JISC funded project supporting mutually beneficial alumni engagement


AstonConnect+ recognises that increased business value can be derived by the efficient interoperability of systems and processes. Our JISC funded project takes the current engagement process between students, alumni, and the business community and, by maximising the opportunities afforded by web technology, transforms it into a global knowledge community known as AstonConnect+


AstonConnect+ will remodel our engagement process and open up a dynamic and interactive space where meaningful stakeholder participation can take place online.

AstonConnect+ will support a mentoring programme and a number of networking initiatives aimed at sharing best practice and disseminating knowledge to and amongst alumni.

AstonConnect+ will bring together diverse stakeholders with different needs and expertise and facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge exchange to the mutual benefit of all participants.

The A List

Anticipated Outcomes

AstonConnect+ delivered:

  • A portal which brings final year students closer to the Aston alumni community.
  • The International Knowledge Exchange Hub where users can join special interest groups to network and share best practice in their profession.
  • A communication channel for a new group of former students.
  •  Alumni:Alumni and Alumni:Student mentoring schemes.
  • Public lectures and events online with a searchable archive directory.
  • The A List – a showcase of famous and successful Aston alumni.
  • Careers-focused media to help young alumni in their early careers.
  • A portal to support business engagement.
  • A new web site and mobile site.