World-class conference on Human Resource Management


4th June, 2010

A high-profile three-day conference on International Human Resource Management will see delegates from all over the world descend at Aston Business School in Birmingham next week (9 -12 June).

The 11th International Human Resource Management Conference (IHRM) being hosted by Professor Pawan Budhwar of Aston Business School, will bring together globally-acclaimed experts in the field of Human Resource Management.

This timely conference, entitled Emergence of New Economic Powers: Management of Human Resources in the Challenging Global Context, will focus on a number of significant global developments currently taking place that have serious implications for IHRM, which include: the growth of multinationals in emerging markets, ever increasing levels of foreign direct investments and the challenges created by the present financial crisis and how best to manage in difficult times.

As a result of these developments, an emergent phenomenon is the ever-increasing movement of people around the globe and the issue of how best to manage them. These can be expatriates, inpatriates, transpatriates, self-initiated expatriates or self-initiated repatriates.

Professor Budhwar, Associate Dean, Research for Aston Business School, said:

“The emerging global economic scenario, in which emerging markets are becoming economically stronger, is creating on the one hand, serious challenges for IHRM policy makers, but on the other hand, immense opportunities for IHRM researchers.”

He added: “Overall, human resources are now challenged and researchers have the opportunity to explore patterns of HRM systems appropriate to the emergent landscape of global business.”

Among the line-up of speakers at the conference, which will take place between 9 – 12 June, is Jackie Orme, Chief Executive of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) UK, who will deliver her presentation on this: ‘What are the challenges faced by the next generation of HR leaders?’

Other high-profile speakers include:

  • Professor Rosalie Tung, of Simon Fraser University in Canada, who will deliver her presentation on ‘Expatriation in the context of brain circulation and the war on talent’.

  • Professor Chris Brewster, of Reading University in the UK. His presentation will focus on the concepts and concerns of comparative HRM.

  • Dr Santrupt Misra, Group HR for India-based Aditya Birla Management Corportation, will give his talk on ‘Learning and HR Challenges for Indian MNCs Overseas’.

  • Professor Felix Brodbeck, of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, will present on ‘Learning from the GLOBE project: Towards practical applications for cross-cultural HRM’

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Notes to Editors:

(1) The first International Human Resource Management Conference took place in the late 1980’s and for more than 20 years has been held biennially. IHRM Conferences have been hosted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, USA, Germany and New Mexico.

(2) Professor Pawan Budhwar is also the founder of Aston-India Foundation which seeks to establish new, and strengthen existing links in a wide range of sectors between the two countries.

(3) A drinks reception will take place at The Council House on June 9. A conference dinner will be held at Aston Villa Football Stadium on June 10.

(4) Aston Business School is one of the largest and most successful business schools in Europe, committed to lead and enable transformation through teaching, research and through supporting and influencing organisations and their leaders.

For all media enquiries please contact Dhiren Katwa, Press Officer at Aston Business School, on 0121 204 4553 or email d.katwa1@aston.ac.uk.

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