Chief Scientific Officer of Rolls Royce visits Aston

Paul Stein (L) Chief Scientist Rolls Royce
Paul Stein (L) Chief Scientist Rolls Royce examines algae transformed into powder for energy usage

18th June, 2010

Chief Scientific Officer of Rolls Royce, Paul Stein, visited Aston University to see the Institution’s latest advances in engineering technologies.

The former Science and Technology Director at the Ministry of Defence met with Aston Vice Chancellor, Professor Julia King, Executive Dean Prof Robert Berry, and academics from across the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Mr Stein saw at first hand examples of Aston’s research into diamond based power devices used for aerospace and telecommunication applications; computer simulation models for jet engines; and Aston’s advances in alternative energy research. His tour included a visit to Aston’s new bioenergy laboratories where work includes pioneering methods of turning sewage sludge and algae into alternative forms of heat and power.  

Mr Stein is responsible for increasing the Rolls Royce group’s strong technological base and anticipating new scientific developments to help the Group apply them to the next generation of products and services. His extensive background in science and technology includes a 29 year career in the private sector, latterly as Managing Director of Roke Manor Research Limited part of Siemens AG. 

Aston’s School of Engineering and Applied Science specialises in future technological research across four strategic themes of Communications & Sensing; Health; Bioenergy & Sustainability; and Complex Systems Science Understanding. Its subject domains are; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Electronic Engineering; Engineering Systems & Management; Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering & Design. 




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