Psychologists meet in Birmingham to focus minds on health

Drinking water - BPS conference
Psychologists to focus minds on health
9 September 2009

Around 250 top psychologists from the UK and beyond will gather at Aston University from today, 9th September 2009, to discuss current psychological issues surrounding our health, at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Health Psychology annual conference.

The latest research and theories will be presented over the three day conference, including:
The results of a study into obese people’s behavioural responses to a prescription weight loss drug – orlistat, by Amelia Hollywood and Jane Ogden from the University of Surrey.

A study by Professor Tony Cassidy from the University of Ulster, which found that belief in faith healing could jeopardise recovery from illness.

The results of a study which found that the extent to which a child feels they belong at home, school and in the community may impact on their physical health as well as their psychological well-being, by Fiona Begen and Dr Julie Turner-Cobb from the University of Bath.

A study which found that young people are unaware that government guidelines would class them as binge drinkers, by Dr Richard Cooke from Aston University and Dr Falko Sniehotta from the University of Aberdeen.

Katarzyna Chapman and Professor Jane Ogden of the University of Surrey will present the findings of their study which found the location of fruit and chocolate items in a canteen can influence purchase of those items.


For further information, contact:

Joanna Colburn, Public Relations officer, British Psychological Society.

Tel: 0116 2529904, email: Joanna.colburn@bps.org.uk 

During the conference contact Angel Chater on 07789 368285.

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