New book on the future of Marketing

Keith Glanfield
Keith Glanfield, Foundation for Management Education Fellow, Marketing Group, Aston Business School

4 March 2011

Keith Glanfield, a distinguished marketer from Aston Business School, highlights the secrets of effective internal marketing in an exciting new book being launched next week.

The book, entitled The Marketing Century: How Marketing Drives Business and Shapes Society, celebrates the one hundred year anniversary of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

And as part of this 272-page book, Keith Glanfield, a Foundation for Management education Fellow in the Marketing Group at Aston Business School, has contributed a full chapter on Internal Marketing.

Keith discusses the past, present and future of internal marketing which, he says, “is a much misunderstood and under used discipline, that is overlooked by practicing marketers”.
The chapter proposes a fresh and innovative agenda for internal marketing, focussed around branding, through the development and integration of internal and external brand communities.

It determines that employees who deliver services to customers make an assessment of the corporate brand which (1) affects the strength of their identification with the brand which, in turn (2) influences how employees consider their role and the level of service they deliver to customers.

Mr Glanfield, who has spent over 20 years in senior commercial positions in the private and public sectors, said:

“I am grateful to The Chartered Institute of Marketing for giving me the opportunity to share the findings of my research on the influence of branding on employees, the fundamentals of which I hope will provide food-for-thought and a challenge to fellow marketers.”

The Marketing Century

According to Mr Glanfield, “there is a missed opportunity, as marketing has so much more to offer internally, by significantly contributing to the delivery of internal marketing’s substantial commercial benefits”.

And “to unlock this potential,” adds Mr Glanfield, “we need to address some key issues and ask some fundamental questions”: (1) How widely understood is internal marketing, and are the marketers aware of its significance and potential? (2) How can marketing re-focus and reinvent itself to achieve more for the whole company by looking internally? (3) How can we build a single corporate brand community of consumers and service employees to deliver future commercial success?

To find out the answers, get your copy of this book which is being officially launched next Thursday (10 March). The book is edited by Jeremy J.Kourdi and is published by John Wiley. Hardback copies will be available for £19.99 each.

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