Universities Week: What's the Big Idea?

Universities Week

Aston University is supporting Universities Week: What’s the Big Idea?, a national campaign to highlight the impact universities in the UK have on the individual, their local community, business, and the future of the UK -  to name but a few!

Following a successful pilot scheme last year, What’s the Big Idea?, from 13 – 19 June, will celebrate universities’ position at the heart of the UK education system through five themes:
  • Monday 13 June 2011 - Sharing Big Ideas
    Celebrating universities as the heart of the UK education system. Aston University will be contributing a selection of ‘facts’ taught on its courses to an online application called 'FactShare' compiled by Universities UK.

  • Tuesday 14 June 2011 - Big Ideas for Business
    Focusing on the growing relationship between small or mid-size businesses and universities.

  • Wednesday 15 June 2011 - Big Ideas for Society
    Highlighting thriving university towns and cities by demonstrating how universities give back to the local and national community.

  • Thursday 16 June 2011 - Big Ideas for the Future
    Case studies to demonstrate the revolutionary impact universities, and their students and staff, will have on medical advances, as well as the way we view ourselves and the world around us.

  • Friday and Saturday 17&18 June 2011 - Inside Big Ideas
    Busting some of the myths about campus life in a 21st-century university. 
From 13 – 19 June, Aston University will highlight the crucial role it plays at the heart of society, underpinning the economy, and driving forward growth, prosperity and development.

Professor Julia King, Vice-Chancellor of Aston University, said: “Aston University is delighted to be supporting this year’s Universities Week. Universities open up many opportunities for individuals, business and research. For instance, over the course of a working life, graduates will on average earn well over £100,000 more after tax than those who stopped at A Level or equivalent. I am proud to lead Aston University, where our success in learning, teaching, research and technology transfer is the result of the team effort of a diverse group of talented individuals who work and study here.  Universities Week will help Aston University to showcase the achievements of our staff and students and the inspiring, innovative work they do every day.”

Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK, said: "We have such a strong story to tell in the UK about our world-class universities and how they make such a major contribution to so many different areas of our lives.

"Quite apart from the transformative effect of higher education on students, our universities are an integral part of society - from the training of teachers, doctors and sports professionals; to the development of future fuels, groundbreaking medicines, new technologies, or improved nutrition."

Aston University is planning a range of activities during Universities Week including events, news stories and social media posts.

For further information, please contact Louise Russell, Communications Officer on ext 4637 or at l.a.russell1@aston.ac.uk

You can also find out more about the campaign by joining the Universities Week Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ukuniversities

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