How do we coordinate the new clean industrial revolution?

Green growth

19th July, 2010

A leading conference was held at Aston University this week, discussing ways in which the European Union will play a key role in coordinating the coming clean industrial revolution.

The Green Growth Conference took place on 21st July with speakers including Ian Robertson of BMW; Naresh Kumar of Rolls Royce; Brian Tilley of E-On; Bill Gillespie of Modec; Professor David Bailey of Coventry Business School; Professor Julia King of Aston University; Matthew Lockwood from the Institute of Public Policy Research; Jonathan Guthrie and Fiona Harvey from the Financial Times; as well as politicians including the Green Party MEP Keith Taylor.

The event launched the Aston Centre for Europe (ACE) as a leading centre for the development of new thinking on European policy issues.

‘Europe’s economy is about to begin a major period of restructuring in order to reduce carbon emissions by 20–30% by 2020,’ says Dr Nathaniel Copsey, Deputy Director of ACE and co-organiser of the event. ‘This will have a profound effect both on industry and on consumers. Lifestyles will have to change. The process will be painful – it’s dishonest to pretend otherwise – but it will also bring many benefits.

‘The EU will play the leading role in coordinating how we go about this new industrial revolution. But the process cannot be top-down. It’s particularly important for the Commission to come and listen to businesses, public sector organizations and other stakeholders. We need to discuss how we can work together to support the coming clean industrial revolution through intelligent European regulation and carefully targeted public investment. The Green Growth Conference, co-organised by the University, the European Commission, and Birmingham Chamber, provided a forum for that discussion to take place, bringing together a range of senior figures from industry and the public sector.

‘We are delighted that the Commission chose Aston as the focal point of this strategic interaction with business and industry in the UK. The manufacturing sector in the Midlands needs to secure a sustainable future and engaging in dialogue with the European regulators at this crucial stage is a vital step towards that goal.

For further press information please contact Dr Nathaniel Copsey on 07753 846611 or email europe@aston.ac.uk


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