TV “dust up” for city conference venue

Filming at Aston University
Filming at Aston University

18th January, 2010

Aston University is to feature in two cutting edge TV dramas with series shot on location in Birmingham airing this month.

The BBC's Hustle and Survivors both used City locations for filming during last summer, including Aston’s campus, raising interest from passers-by and curiosity from people who had their work places briefly taken over for television.

Conference Aston at Aston University was transformed for Survivors, a tale following the activities of a group of people who survive a deadly virus which wiped out most of the human race.

 Marketing Manager at the venue Paul Bunce said; “The producers wanted to depict a bar that had been hurriedly evacuated, then deserted for months. They brought in some very strange props, including trays of mouldy food and dust! The effect was remarkable, even without viewing through a lens. It looked like the place hadn’t been inhabited for years.”

 “We did have some worries when the producers originally approached us, with fears about disruption to our guests and reinstatement of our usual pristine look, but the whole crew were in and out with minimal fuss.”

Looking to share your meeting space with the latest season of Survivors? Then why not call the Conference Aston team on 0121 204 4300 for further information.


For further information contact Alex Earnshaw, Aston University Communications, on 0121 204 4549.


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