Business schools can help save our crumbling economy

Will Hutton
Will Hutton
14 April 2010

Former editor of The Observer, Will Hutton, to give talk at Aston University

A leading UK economist will explain how business schools in British universities can play a crucial part in aiding the UK’s   economic recovery and future prosperity when he delivers his talk in Birmingham next week.

Will Hutton, Chief Executive of the Work Foundation, a campaigning organisation on employment issues in the UK, will deliver his talk, entitled Global Financial Crisis: The Role of Business Schools, at Aston University on Monday (April 19).

Writing in The Guardian, Will Hutton recently described universities as the “essential sinew of this new economy – both in their research and in their teaching”. He added: “They are the principal institutions building the scientific and technological knowledge on which innovative ideas are built. They offer freedom to think and experiment and have huge spillover effects on economy and society.”

Mr Hutton pens a regular column for The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Observer, of which he is a former editor. In addition, he has worked for the BBC as an economics correspondent for Newsnight and has led on the production of several Panorama programmes. He is also a key advisor to the government.

Around 200 people, including staff, students and experts from a variety of portfolio areas, are expected to attend.

Dr Josie Kelly, a member of the Economics and Strategy Group, said:

“Universities are at the forefront of the knowledge economy and are essential to the future economic wellbeing of the UK. As a leading UK and European Business School, academics at Aston Business School are not only working with business on how to overcome the many hurdles they presently face but also in the development of the business methods of the future.”

The talk will take place in Cadbury Lecture Theatre, Aston Business School Conference Centre from 12.30pm till 1.30pm.


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  • Journalists and photographers wishing to attend are asked to contact Dhiren Katwa, Press Officer, Aston University on 0121 204 4553 or on 07970 911386 no later than 4pm Friday 16 April.

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