Aston 24 hour relay raises money for Cancer Research

24 hour relay

Aston University recently held the event Relay For Life, where students and residents from across Birmingham were invited to take part in a 24-hour walking relay which raised £11,000 for Cancer Research.

Organised by Aston University student RAG Committee in conjunction with Cancer Research, the relay saw 15 teams of 8-15 people – including five survivors from Cancer Research - walk around the Aston lake for a 24 hour period, with at least one member of each team having to be on track at all times.  

The event was a big hit with Extreme BBQ flipping burgers for the duration to keep participants well fed. DJ’s and various Aston bands were on hand to provide entertainment and keep spirits high, with food stalls and various fete style games adding to the atmosphere.

To keep people’s enthusiasm numerous relay activities took place, such as a three-legged lap, a limbo competition and army cadets doing press-ups in between their laps.

Alex Johnson a final year Aston student decided to complete the full 24 hour challenge by himself managed to raise £600. He said ‘it was well organised and fun and also at times very moving.’ Having recently lost his auntie to cancer Alex wanted to help fight the battle against cancer.

During the event a Candle of Hope ceremony took place with a minute’s science, speeches from survivors of cancer and a lap of honour to remember those who have been affected by cancer.

The father of an Aston student, Melissa Leach, who lost her fight against cancer, gave a heart felt speech, along with an Aston student who has recently under gone treatment and survived.

Each team member decorated a candle bag, which were placed around the track at sunset with some placed to spell out ‘Hope,’ which then changed to ‘cure’ during the lap of honour.  

The purpose of the relay was to symbolise that cancer never stops, with the ceremony pointing out that there is always ‘hope’ for a ‘cure.’

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