Gifted & talented youngsters come to Aston

18th March 2009

Recent research has shown that consistent parental involvement in children’s education from an early age has a significant effect on educational achievement, and continues to make a positive difference into adolescence and adulthood[i].

Gifted and talented children and their parents/ carers are invited to attend a ‘Gifted & Talented Parent and Child’ event on Saturday 21st March at Aston University, which has been organised by the West Midlands Excellence Hub and the West Midlands Gifted and Talented Partnership under the Young Gifted & Talented (YG&T) Programme.

The free, one day event offers a variety of exciting and engaging workshops and discussion groups for parents and gifted and talented pupils. The aim of the day is to encourage parents/carers to become more involved in their children’s education and to offer learners some interesting and fun activities they can share with their parents/carers. Learners who are members of the YG&T Programme are able to take part in a variety of interactive workshops and discussion groups together with their parents.

Julie Taplin from the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) will be attending the event to offer parents advice on how to support a gifted and talented child at home.  Parents will also be provided with information about the many exciting courses and activities available through the West Midlands Excellence Hub.

Angela Morris, West Midlands Excellence Hub Co-ordinator commented: ‘The event will be a great opportunity for parents and students to participate in some engaging activities and experience enrichment workshops led by West Midlands Excellence Hub. Parents getting involved in their child’s education can really help them to reach their full potential and this event will enable parents and children to meet new people and to share their experiences.’

The event is being organised by the West Midlands Excellence Hub and the West Midlands Gifted and Talented Partnership under the Young Gifted & Talented (YG&T) Programme. The YG&T Programme launched in September 2007, and is managed by CfBT Education Trust on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). The aim is to provide exciting opportunities and resources for gifted and talented learners aged 4 to 19 in England.  The West Midlands Excellence Hub is a group of higher education institutions in the West Midlands area that delivers a balanced range of programmes for gifted and talented learners, including non-residential summer schools, master classes and workshops, and online and blended learning models as part of the YG&T provision.

YG&T is a national programme aimed at helping children aged 4-19 who are gifted in academic subjects such as maths, science and English, and talented learners who have a particular ability in sport, music, art and design or creative and performing arts with additional support to help them reach their full potential.  It provides a wide range of courses and activities as well as a number of engaging resources. Weekend, residential and day courses covering subject areas ranging from maths, English, geography and science to anthropology, dance, drama and sport are available as well as vocational and entrepreneurial activities with many having a cross-curricular focus.

For more information visit: http://ygt.dcsf.gov.uk and www.swgate.org.uk


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Note to editors:

YG&T Programme:

The Young Gifted and Talented Programme (YG&T) is the core of the national programme for gifted and talented education, funded and supported by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). YG&T is dedicated to providing exciting opportunities and resources for gifted and talented learners aged 4 to 19 in England, both in and out of the classroom. Gifted describes learners who have the ability to excel academically in one or more subjects such as English, maths or technology. Talented learners have the ability to excel in practical skills such as sport, leadership, artistic performance, or in an area of vocational skill.The focus of the programme is to make sure that learners have every opportunity to recognise, use and develop their gifts and talents, wherever they come from and whatever school or college they attend. The programme also aims to encourage young people to raise their aspirations as well as realise their potential, regardless of background. Offering a broad spectrum of information and resources, the programme is readily accessible through a single online portal: ygt.dcsf.gov.uk.


[i] DCSF-00924-2008  Impact of Parental Involvement on Children’s Education, November 2008, Prepared by Schools Analysis and Research Division, Department for Children, Schools and Families.



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